The Great Divide Knit-A-Long

Hi guys!

I’m beyond excited to let you know that myself and Vanessa from LYNAI yarns will be hosting our first KAL! I completely fell in love with Michelle Brown‘s shawl called The Great Divide. I posted a pic of some yarn that I ordered from Fable Fibers and voila! The KAL was born!

In case you aren’t following me on instagram and facebook, these are the skeins that I will be using for mine that were hand dyed by Fable Fibers.


Needless to say, I’m beyond excited!!!

So now, the important stuff. Below is all the information on when it’s happening and how you can join in on the fun!

The Pattern

You can purchase the pattern on ravelry here.


May 1st – May 29th

This is a pretty quick shawl to make, but we don’t want to put any pressure on anyone, and want to give people ample time to join in midway through if they so wish!


Joining the KAL is easy! You can either participate on instagram, or twitter via the #greatdivideKAL hashtag, on Ravelry via this group or on flickr with this photo pool. I was going to start a facebook group for it, but thought it would be overkill. If you think that a facebook group would be useful, then please leave a comment.


I’m not that fond of ‘rules’ I mean, we have rules around us every single minute of the day. This is supposed to be fun!!! So the rules, are, there are no rules! I’m not going to close any groups or anything off at a certain date. I’ve given the start and end dates for those of us that love a challenge and love deadlines :) The goal is to have fun, see what wonderful color combinations people come up with and end up with a really cool shawl!

So there you have it folks! Stay tuned as I will be posting pics of our progress!

  1. 462 days ago
    Vanessa Lynai

    Thanks for setting this all up Telma! Let me know if you need anything (help) from me! I can’t wait! I just ordered some bare DK (I decided to just go with 2 colors because I couldn’t pick a third and I wanted to order the yarn so that I have time to dye it up!) today and I can’t wait to see how what I have in mind actually works out when I dye it up!

  2. 462 days ago
    Megan aka justrunknit

    I am super excited to join in, and would love to contribute a prize! I can ship directly to a winner and cut out the dual shipping costs. Let me know!

  3. 459 days ago

    I ordered my yarn yesterday! I’ve decided on a lovely charcoal grey and bright orange. Can’t wait until the first!

  4. 455 days ago

    SQUEEEE … I’m in Telma!
    Just ordered some DK yarn blanks and am going to attempt to dye my own colourways for the Great Divide … Eeek. Too exciting :)
    Looking forward to taking part in a great KAL with some great people xx

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